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2017 Mississippi Session ends with pro-life victories

by | Apr 3, 2017

Maternal mortality study passed and assisted suicide legislation defeated

Mississippi state Sen. Debbie Dawkins

JACKSON – The 2017 Mississippi legislative session officially ended this weekend. Two notable pro-life victories took place in the establishment of a maternal mortality study and the defeat of a bill to legalize assisted suicide.

Assisted Suicide: Senate Bill 2283, sponsored by state Senators Debbie Dawkins and Robert L Jackson would have legalized assisted suicide in Mississippi.

“Laws against assisted suicide have protected vulnerable people for many years,” said MSRtL President Barbara Whitehead. “Mississippians recognize that persons seeking help to kill themselves need immediate care, including medical and mental health care—not assisted suicide.”

Whitehead praised legislative leaders who made sure the dangerous legislation never had a hearing.

Mississippi state Sen. Robert L Jackson

Mississippi state Sen. Robert L Jackson

“The broad dangers of legalizing assisted suicide must not be ignored,” Whitehead added. “The bill that was introduced this year posed serious risks for Mississippians. Mississippi Right to Life urges legislators to continue their strong opposition to this measure.”

Maternal Mortality: House Bill 494 was legislation crafted in cooperation with the states medical community and OB/GYN professionals and Mississippi Right to Life to study maternal mortality cases in our state. Scott Fischbach, MSRtL Vice President was pleased with creation of the commission that will work with the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Fischbach added, “It is important to recognize the causes and reasons for maternal deaths so we can prevent more deaths in the future,” noting, “The legislation had overwhelming support in both legislative chambers and was signed into law by Governor Bryant.”

It is hoped that the new commission can uncover the reasons for maternal deaths in Mississippi and then enact measures to prevent any further deaths in the future.

“Nothing is more tragic than a maternal death,” stated Fischbach. “No mom should die giving life to her baby.”

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