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Avoiding Parental Involvement: Abortion worker speaks

by | Apr 11, 2017

By Sarah Terzo

Margo, who worked at a late-term abortion facility, on how the clinic managed to avoid parental involvement:

Where I worked we were a privately owned late term abortion clinic up to 20 weeks, and Michigan did pass a 24 hour consent law, and we did have parental overrides, judicial overrides that the counselors would help the minors obtain. And some of those things were pretty sketchy…It was more of a goal to keep them [parents] out as much as possible, because we did notice that outcomes would change when there was parental involvement. And so there was a whole system in place to help the kids get a judicial bypass, which basically was a rubber stamp, just go before the judge and say, “I’m afraid of what my parents will do to me if they find out that I am pregnant.” And the judge would ask, “Do you feel like you would be in danger?” “Yes.” “Ok.” And it’s just that sort of thing.

From “Former abortion worker: Teen came in for three abortions, parents never knew.”

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