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Bake Sales for PPFA aren’t your average “PTA function.” And we are grateful for that.

by | Apr 4, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Sometimes, I suppose, you need a kind of perspective. After all, Vogue magazine is hyper-pro-abortion. Take a look at some of the headlines on their stories.

“Don’t Tell Me How to Feel About My Abortion”; “Here’s What You Need to Know About Texas’s Seriously Terrible New Abortion Law” along with various other stories that also begin, “Here’s What You Need to Know About [fill in names of state] Seriously Terrible New Abortion Law”; and “Hillary Clinton Awesomely Defended Abortion Rights at the Debate.”

So, in the big picture, I suppose we shouldn’t be annoyed (although I am) at a story that ran a couple of days ago headlined, “Three Delicious Recipes From a Bake Sale to Benefit Planned Parenthood.” It’s what you’d expect.

Before Madeleine Luckel tells about how Altro “Pickowicz’s own cacio e pepe biscuits are to die for,” she reminds us that is no Middle America “average PTA function.”

Rather Big Shots are involved. “Café Altro Paradiso is hosting a bake sale to benefit Planned Parenthood,” she informs us. “Le Coucou, Del Posto, Gramercy Tavern, Le Bernardin, Morgenstern’s, Momofuku Milk Bar, and more will join Altro Paradiso’s pastry chef, Natasha Pickowicz, to sell their sweets.”

Luckel then goes on to offer recipes for some of her favorite treats. How precious.

Celebrities touting Planned Parenthood. It’s as regular, as predictable as the swallows returning to Capistrano, only it is not a seasonal event but virtually non-stop. Katie Yoder over at Newsbusters has made a part-time career out of documenting Hollywood’s embrace of the largest abortion provider in the world.

For example, last week Planned Parenthood hosted a national “Pink Out Day,” Yoder wrote.

”America’s largest abortion provider asked participants to show support by wearing pink and posting on social media in an effort to “turn the whole internet Planned Parenthood pink.” To ensure its success, stars from Elizabeth Banks to Charlize Theron joined the push on Twitter.

Yoder then posted “20 of the most famous Hollywood celebrities who tweeted their support of Planned Parenthood.” ” She aptly pointed out how “The wording of their tweets sounded eerily similar (or, rather, coordinated.)”

Well, back to Square One. Planned Parenthood has gobs of taxpayer-funded money, enormous influence over the Democratic Party, and hordes of Hollywood celebrities.

That’s okay, the babies have what matters most: you.

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