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MCCL GO addresses Commission on Population and Development at United Nations

by | Apr 18, 2017

By Paul Stark

MCCL GO speaks at UN conference

MCCL GO speaks at UN conference

NEW YORK — Human beings must be prioritized and protected in the midst of demographic change, said Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach (MCCL GO) at the 50th session of the U.N. Commission on Population and Development earlier this month in New York.

The theme of this year’s gathering is “changing population age structures and sustainable development.” MCCL GO delivered an oral statement to the conference.

“Many in the international community seek to reduce fertility rates in the developing world,” the MCCL statement noted, and “some seek to encourage the legalization of abortion in countries in which unborn children are protected by law. This is the wrong approach.”

There is no right to abortion under international law, and abortion is not necessary to reduce maternal mortality. “Rather than promote abortion,” MCCL explained, “nations with a high incidence of maternal and child mortality must strive to improve care for both mother and child so that all members of society can flourish.”

MCCL GO’s statement also recognized the dangers to older persons posed by rapidly aging populations in some parts of the world. It called on governments to reject efforts to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia. They should instead “protect patients’ right to life and right to health, including palliative and mental health care.”

“Human beings are at the center of sustainable development,” the statement concluded. “They deserve protection and care regardless of their age, health, ability, and dependency, and regardless of population and demographic change.”

The oral statement was effectively delivered by Agnes King, a law student at the University of St. Thomas. MCCL GO also submitted a written statement ahead of the conference.

The Commission on Population and Development, which holds annual sessions, deals with population issues and monitors the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development.

MCCL GO is the U.N.- and OAS-accredited global outreach program of the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Education Fund. Our goal is to protect as many human beings as possible from the destruction of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

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