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MCFL’s 2017 Convention Keeps the Momentum Going

by | Apr 12, 2017

Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post at Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

On Saturday, April 8, a beautiful spring day, several dozen pro-lifers gathered on the Boston College campus for Massachusetts Citizens for Life’s annual convention to hear speakers and to hold discussions on topics ranging from abortion to physician-assisted suicide.

The theme of the day was “Keep the Momentum Going,” based on the fact that nationwide and in Massachusetts, the pro-life movement is making advances. Anne Fox, president of MCFL, explained, “Abortions are down one-third in the country as a whole and down 55% in Massachusetts, pro-life legislators are in the majority in Congress and in virtually all the state legislatures, we have elected a pro-life President and … we’ll have a new Supreme Court Justice whom we expect to rule fairly on life cases. This is amazing momentum on which we plan to build.”

The day began with simultaneous talks from Linda Thayer, MCFL’s vice president of education, on “The Abortion Issue in Mass. Public Schools (What Parents Need to Know)” and Helen Cross on “Taxpayer Funding and Planned Parenthood.” …

Dr. Marty McCaffrey followed with a presentation on “Abortion and the Burden of Preterm Birth.” Dr. McCaffrey, a neonatologist from North Carolina who was seen in the documentary “Hush,” gave a detailed accounting of the scientific evidence that prior abortions are a major risk factor for preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies. He also provided his own experience in trying to find researchers who would agree on the record that their own studies indicated that abortion is a major risk factor. In fact, he said, there’s more evidence that abortion leads to a greater risk of preterm birth than other causes widely accepted by the medical community, even smoking!

Switching gears to end of life care, Drs. William Lawton, Laura Lambert and Vainuupo Jessop participated in a panel moderated by Joe Glover on the dangers of doctor-prescribed suicide (DPS) from a physician’s perspective. The major takeaways from their presentation were that DPS is most dangerous to the poor, people with disabilities, and minority groups because they are most reliant on Medicaid and low-cost health insurance, which in other states where DPS is already legal has made suicide the preferred “treatment” for certain ailments over other more expensive treatments. …

Finally, Fr. Thomas Bouton, a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston, inspired the convention with his story of his younger brother, Robert, who was born with Down syndrome and the ways in which his brother exceeded the expectations of the medical professionals who suggested he should be institutionalized. Instead, Robert lived a life full of joy and love, graduating from high school and even earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

In between the informative talks, participants had opportunities to converse with one another, to network, and to speak to the presenters to gather more information on their topics. They ended the day energized and informed and prepared to keep the the pro-life momentum going in Massachusetts and beyond.

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