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Michigan Senate Committee approves “Choose Life” license plate

by | Apr 3, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

One step at a time. Last Thursday, after hearing testimony pro and con, the Michigan Senate Transportation Committee signed off on SB 163 which would create a “Choose Life” specialty vehicle license plate.

As explained by sponsor State Sen. Patrick Colbeck

Funds raised from the sale of the plates [$25 of the $35 price] would support organizations and projects that support life-affirming choices, such as counseling and abortion alternatives for at-risk mothers, adoption assistance, and suicide prevention services for veterans and others.

“Many people in Michigan have a passion for protecting life and the vulnerable around us who need our help,” Sen. Colbeck said. “To help raise awareness of the many ways we can help people struggling to find solutions that lead to fewer abortions, more adoptions, more treatment of at-risk mothers, and suicide prevention, offering a license plate that celebrates and raises money for life is legislation I am proud to introduce.”

The measure now goes to the full Senate which could entertain the bill this week. Twenty-nine states have authorized Choose Life license plates.

NRLC affiliate Right to Life of Michigan explained what happened at the March 23 committee hearing.

Bill sponsor Sen. Patrick Colbeck gave a moving testimony about raising funds to support women in crisis. This was followed by two opposing testimonies from the American Association of University Women (Michigan Chapter) and Planned Parenthood. Right to Life of Michigan provided the final testimony in support of the bill.

Testimonies from the two groups supporting abortion were quite absurd. In an apparent attack on adoption, prolife pregnancy centers were referred to as “baby-finding centers” placed near college campuses to allow infertile wealthy white people to recruit and adopt white babies from a “better genetic pool of white college women.” In real life these pregnancy centers rely heavily on donations and volunteers to provide free help to women in need, many of whom are non-white.

Planned Parenthood’s first line of testimony accused Right to Life of Michigan of “standing in the way of reducing abortions in Michigan.” Yeah, you read that right.

It’s funny until you realize that Planned Parenthood performs more than 320,000 abortions in America every year. They perform 160 abortions for every adoption referral they do. They can’t seem to decide between saying they want to reduce abortions or saying they are proud of them as a vital part of their mission. If abortion is a point of pride as your mission, why reduce it?

Here’s the real irony: Planned Parenthood opposes prolife citizens from voluntarily sending money to organizations that help women, but they demand profile citizens be forced to give them money.

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