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Our Life-Saving Victories, Successes Need Your Continued Support!

by | Apr 13, 2017

The news has been good: confirmation of a Supreme Court justice, passage of new bans on abortions of pain-capable unborn babies, a huge drop in the number of abortions in the latest report.

But the news on the day-to-day operating side of our Right to Life movement is more challenging.

Success can breed complacency, and while we know no pro-lifer will ever be complacent as long as a single unborn baby is threatened by abortion, sometimes supporters of a cause can get the idea that as long as we’re winning, their financial assistance isn’t as needed as it once was.

But the truth is, our pro-life successes in many cases are happening because we spend the donations we receive right away on the most effective way to bring about wins for unborn babies. We don’t waste anything. Everything we get goes to the cause of the unborn.

We don’t hold back resources when
babies’ lives are literally on the line.

How could we?

After every victory – like the elections last year, a campaign to pass pro-life laws, or the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice – we start anew looking for financial support for our next undertaking. National Right to Life has the ability to deeply affect this issue, as many commentators have observed. But we do not have deep pockets. We don’t hold back resources when babies’ lives are literally on the line. How could we?

So we are coming to you after these latest victories in the hopes that you will help us set the table for the next wins – wins that will save more lives, change more hearts, win over more minds. In short, the kinds of wins that will make America pro-life again and make this great country a safe place for the unborn, as it should be.

Won’t you please help us create that kind of America, and save those innocent lives? Your support is desperately needed at this juncture of the battle for Life. Please click here to contribute to the National Right to Life Committee. Your gift will support vital, life-saving projects like these:

We are currently working hard in several state legislatures to pass laws that will protect pain-capable unborn babies, ban the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortions, and pass other needed protections for babies and their mothers.

And at the federal level, we’re fighting to garner support for removing subsidies from insurance plans that cover abortion, to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, and to remove provisions of Obamacare that threaten to ration life-saving medical treatments.

You make all of this critical life-saving work happen with your generous support. Of course, a pro-life victory brought about by that support can make us feel good and hopeful for the future. But for the little baby whose life is saved, that victory is his future. Please help us give little children many, many more of those life-saving victories in the days ahead.


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