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PPFA to honor Hillary Clinton as “Champion of the Century”

by | Apr 12, 2017

But don’t’ forget Shonda Rhimes’ “Champion of Change Award”

By Dave Andrusko

Is anyone, and I do mean anyone, surprised that at its centennial celebration in May, Planned Parenthood will “honor the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton with the Champion of the Century Award for her 40 years of service to women and girls in this country”?

How could it be otherwise? Clinton and PPFA are as close as two coats of paint. Clinton and Planned Parenthood share the same vision: abortion on demand, at home and increasingly abroad, paid for by taxpayers. A world where no “unwanted” baby goes unaborted.

Had Clinton defeated pro-life President Donald Trump, PPFA and Cecile Richards would finally have had not just an enthusiastic supporter of the Death Agenda, but a True Believer.

Back in January 2016, in the New York Times of all places, Amy Chozick wrote a piece about the hand-in-glove relationship between the Clinton presidential campaign and PPFA.

The Clinton campaign has functioned almost as a marketing arm for Planned Parenthood, featuring a section on its official website titled “17 times Hillary Clinton stood with Planned Parenthood,” Facebook messages and Instagram posts with the hashtag #StandwithPP. (Ms. Richards’ daughter works on the campaign’s staff in Iowa.)

Had she been elected the 45th President, Clinton’s priorities would have been Planned Parenthood’s priorities. Instead of reinstating and expanding the Mexico City Policy (as Trump has done), Clinton would have looked for creative ways to fill the coffers of international pro-abortion players such as Marie Stopes and International Planned Parenthood.

Instead of a Justice Neil Gorsuch, the High Court’s newest member would be only be someone PPFA and NARAL and EMILY’s List signed off on.

Remember when Bill Clinton was running for President? He told us we’d get “two for the price of one”–himself and Hillary Clinton. Likewise if Hillary Clinton had prevailed we’d have gotten two for one again: Mrs. Clinton and PPFA.

But then there is Shonda Rhimes who will be awarded the “Champion of Change Award.” For what, you might ask? For “revolutionizing the way women and issues of reproductive health — including safe, legal abortion — are portrayed on television.”

This is the creator of the Scandal television program which specializes in, well, scandals and in portraying abortion as the sort of normal thing a presidential mistress undergoes in the course of her busy day.

Speaking of a 2015 episode, Entertainment Weekly’s Isabella Biedenharn insisted, “It’s only fitting that Scandal knows how to put on a great Christmas episode” with its “skillful mashup of real world events.” That “great Christmas episode” centers on the main character, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), aborting her baby to the accompaniment of “Silent Night.”

In fact, as Newsbusters’ Katie Yoder wrote, “the entire episode, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ was a plug for abortion, including a recitation of Planned Parenthood talking points during a Wendy Davis-like filibuster.”

PPFA may be honoring only Shonda Rhimes but, as Yoder reminds us, Scandal star Tony Goldwyn publicized his support of America’s largest abortion provider at a recent entertainment media conference and Pope is a “big supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood.”

Politicians like Clinton supply the political muscle and the likes of shows such as Scandal tell us abortion is just this side of a secular sacrament. No wonder PPFA is honoring them at “a once-in-a-lifetime Gala.”

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