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Pro-life education pays off in Massachusetts: 11% drop in the number of abortions

by | Apr 25, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

No sooner were the numbers out, showing an 11% drop in the number of abortions in Massachusetts over five years, than Planned Parenthood was taking credit for a decrease from 20,802 abortions in 2010 to 18,750 in 2015.

Just as quickly, Massachusetts Citizens for Life President Anne Fox responded on MCFL’s Facebook page with a far more reasonable explanation:

Abortions are down in Massachusetts 11 percent since 2010 and by thousands per year over the past two decades. Now, Planned Parenthood wants to take credit for that, but how does that make sense when they perform ‘two-thirds’ of the abortions in Massachusetts? Pro-lifers are connecting more and more with younger people–our education efforts are paying off!– and there are more and more options for women in crisis pregnancy.

Fox added

It is only through the continued support of pro-lifers like you that we can continue to work for a day without abortion.

The AP’s Steve LeBlanc dug into the latest statistics from the most recent Massachusetts Department of Public Health report. Here’s what he found.

  • “The decline mirrors nationwide trends.”
  • “Half of the abortions were first-time abortions for the women involved; 25 percent had had one previous abortion while 9 percent had had three or more previous abortions.” This also mirrors national trends, a continued increase in repeat abortions.
  • “Nearly 77 percent were obtained by women between the ages of 20 and 34.” And
  • As has long been the case, “More than 74 percent of abortions were obtained by women who were not married.”
  • Women of color had a disproportionate number of abortions: “About 46 percent of the women obtaining abortions were white, compared to 16 percent who were black, about 13 percent who were Hispanic and 6 percent who were Asian,” LeBlanc wrote.

As noted, fortunately the drop in the number of abortions in Massachusetts is part of a nationwide decrease. When Guttmacher released its long awaited report in January, we learned the number of abortions nationwide had finally dropped to below one million, first in 1973 (958,200) and then again–and fewer still– in 2014 (926,200 abortions).

In addition, in 2014 the abortion rate (the number of abortions per 1,000 women ages 15-44) was 14.6/1,000– the lowest since 1973!

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