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The myth that Planned Parenthood performs mammograms refuses to die

by | Apr 5, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Tip of the cap to Pjmedia and Life News for tipping readers off to the latest iteration of the lie that Planned Parenthood offers mammograms.

It occurred Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show. Veteran pro-abortion author and journalist Tina Brown is just one of a gazillion guests on the show that bash the Trump administration from sun up to sun down.

In her diatribe Brown began with “You can’t really talk about empowering women and lifting women up at the same time as taking away their ability to go to a clinic and have a mammogram,” and slid right into mentioning Planned Parenthood.

Brown then went on to suggested that if federal funds are cut off to Planned Parenthood, women will die of breast cancer because they will not have gotten a mammogram from Planned Parenthood.

This is the disinformation campaign that refuses to die. PPFA does not–not–perform mammograms, as NRLC director of Education Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon has detailed on multiple occasions.

To its credit, even the Washington Post conceded this (again) earlier this month.

As we noted at the time of Fact Checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee’s critique, in an attempt to prop up Obamacare, pro-abortion Democrats are recycling many myths that have been exposed over and over. On March 9, she debunked “[Senator] Schumer’s claim that ‘millions of women turn’ to Planned Parenthood for mammograms. Pro-abortion Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is the Senate minority leader.

Michelle Ye Hee Lee’s very first observation was

There are some claims about abortion and Planned Parenthood that just won’t go away. One of them is the repeat claim about Planned Parenthood and mammograms. So of course, Schumer’s tweet caught our attention.

Indeed, not only is that not true, the number of non-abortion services the leading provider of abortions in the United States continues to decline, as PPFA’s own annual reports document.

To begin with, as Dr. O’Bannon wrote, “Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms, contrary to popular myth.” So, “How strong is Planned Parenthood’s commitment to ‘women’s health?’”

For the past several years, while abortion was decreasing nationally, abortion at Planned Parenthood was staying at record levels (over 300,000 a year since 2007) even as the overall number of abortions, thankfully, decreased.

At the same time, according to their own annual reports, cancer screenings Planned Parenthood’s political supporters like to talk about have fallen dramatically by nearly two thirds, from 1,830,811 in 2009 to just 682,208 in 2014.

Breast exams & breast care fell by more than half, from 830,312 to 363,803 in that same time frame.

Conclusion? “Planned Parenthood is obviously concentrating its energies and its resources on what it considers its priorities”: abortion.

And, in simple dollars and cents terms, why not? Performing around 330,000 abortions each year, killing unborn babies is a gigantic profit center.

At a minimum, at going rates for simple surgical first-trimester abortions, Planned Parenthood would have raked in at least $150 million from abortion in 2014 alone. We know from those Planned Parenthood videos that they perform and profit from considerably more expensive late abortions, meaning that figure is probably way too low.

Pro-lifers often say when you think of Planned Parenthood, think of abortion. In the last 25 years, PPFA has killed upwards of 6.7 million babies.

Then there is this fascinating observation from Life News: “Interestingly, Brown later said it is “wonderful” how the press is fact checking politicians’ statements and holding them accountable. MSNBC did not fact check Brown’s false statements about Planned Parenthood, however.

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