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Who is asking for more abortion access in Alberta?

by | Apr 27, 2017

Editor’s note. This appeared on the pro-life Canadian blog Weneedalaw.

Alberta’s NDP [New Democratic Party] government has introduced a motion, M-514, to look into increasing abortion access in remote areas of the province. Alberta has many rural and northern communities where health care access is an on-going issue.


Apparently no one is actually asking for this increased access to abortion. In 2015, a review was conducted of health care in Alberta’s remote communities. When stakeholders in those communities were questioned, they made no mention of abortion access as a primary (or even secondary!) concern. Instead, they listed priorities such as better access to mental health practitioners, and specialists such as respiratory technologists.

Residents of rural and northern Alberta often travel lengthy distances for trauma care, cancer treatment, and other necessary services. With limited funding available, these are the types of services we should be striving to increase access to. We cannot expect all services to be available in all areas across our vast country. A controversial, elective procedure such as abortion should never take priority.

No one is asking for abortion access to be a funding priority. Yet the NDP is trying to make it a priority, taking valuable time and money from things remote communities actually want and need. Pushing the agenda of a small minority at the expense of the greater good needs to be called out and stopped.

Please take the time to make your voice heard!

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