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Why reading “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” is very much worth our while

by | Apr 18, 2017

By Dave Andrusko


We touched briefly yesterday on an excerpt from a new book about Hillary Clinton’s disastrous 2016 presidential failure. The title, as you recall, is Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign and the authors are former Politico reporter Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, the senior White House correspondent for The Hill.

What I forgot to mention was that in 2014 Allen and Parnes wrote, “HRC,” which (as the Washington Post’s Steven Ginsberg reminds is in his book review of Shattered) “chronicled Clinton’s time at the State Department.” What Ginsberg omits is that “HRC” was nothing short of a love letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Judging by the first reviews alone, is there a reason why we might want to read the book?

Here are a couple of reasons. For one thing, according to Ginsberg, Donald Trump “is absent from much of the book even though he was the dominant force throughout the election.” Trump wasn’t, isn’t, and never will be understood by pro-abortion Democrats or their legion of media supporters. (There is another post today about this media deliberate misunderstanding of Trump you may find intriguing.)

That’s no surprise. Clinton was supposed to win, or so the narrative went and (in many corners) still survives. We owed it to her for reason I never understood beyond the lame notion that she was a woman and it was a woman’s “turn.”

Then there is this. Referring to the controversy over the “model” put together by Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, for winning, Ginsberg writes

What we do know is that Clinton based her entire campaign on the notion that Trump was socially unacceptable and dangerously unqualified. We also know that that strategy proved to be insufficient, but we gain little insight into how it came to be or whether any alternative was discussed. Also left uninvestigated is the extent to which Clinton’s “deplorable” remark, which became a rallying cry for her opponents, hurt her among white working-class voters.

Journalists, who would never see themselves as members of what Clinton described as comprising half of Trump’s supporters –“deplorables”–could never understand how the very people Clinton knew she needed to win would seethe in anger over such an ugly putdown. But, of course, when Clinton made those remarks, she “knew” she was going to win, so she threw caution to the win. Her heart, not her brain, was on display.

A second reason to read Shattered is the Clintons will never, ever go away. Hillary Clinton may or may not run for something. But there continue to be stories that Chelsea Clinton may run for office someday. If you’ve ever saw her in her brief stint at NBC, you might question whether her parents’ political talents skipped a generation.

All in all, speaking just for me, Shattered is on my already too-long reading list.


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