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Crocodile tears from PPFA can’t hide that one of its facilities is not in compliance with state health department regulations

by | May 25, 2017

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

PPFA President Cecile Richards

PPFA President Cecile Richards

You might recall about a month ago when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf teamed up with Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards for what the Governor’s office described as a roundtable discussion about the “devastating effects federal budget cuts to Planned Parenthood would have” for Pennsylvanians.

Richards stated, “For many, Planned Parenthood is their only health care provider and they would have nowhere else to go.”

But, as the Planned Parenthood official and the Governor were holding their event in Warminster, they failed to mention an annual registration survey that the Department of Health conducted at Planned Parenthood Keystone-Warminster eight days before.

According to the inspection report which is now posted online, the Planned Parenthood facility was not in compliance with state health department regulations.

Pro-abortion Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

Pro-abortion Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

The report states that a tour of the facility and a staff interview indicated that Planned Parenthood had failed to ensure that “all required emergency equipment was available” for resuscitation when abortions were performed.

According to the report, Planned Parenthood has submitted a plan of correction which was to have taken effect by May 15th—more than a month after the inspection!

The simple fact that inspectors found health and safety violations at Planned Parenthood’s Warminster operation demonstrates why hard-earned tax dollars could be better spent elsewhere.

During the Warminster event, Governor Wolf—a former Planned Parenthood clinic escort—said, ”Attacks on women’s health at both federal and state levels are nothing more than politicians inserting themselves between doctors and their patients.”

But caring about patients means following basic health and safety standards.

Why not redirect vital health care funds away from an organization that failed to pass inspection, and instead send them to conventional providers which offer comprehensive health care for women—including mammograms (something no Planned Parenthood does)?

Perhaps in the future the Governor will read the inspection reports from the Department of Health before scheduling photo ops with the leaders of organizations that fail to abide by the state’s own safety regulations.

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