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Nurse accused of disconnecting newborn from life support systems, deliberately causing her death

by | May 17, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

When a whistleblower who worked at the hospital nursery for premature babies at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel, felt hospital officials were not taking her accusations seriously, she turned to police with a story of a nurse who’d disconnected a premature baby from life support systems, intentionally allowing her to die.

Now according to Israel National News, “both Central district police and the Health Ministry have opened investigations into the matter.”

Channel 2 broke the story last Thursday.

Israel National News reported that the nurse allegedly “disconnect[ed]an infant girl from a breathing machine because her chances for survival were slim – an act the nurse may have rationalized as a ‘mercy killing.’”

In the latest story (which is five days old), The Times of Israel reported the suspected nurse had not yet been questioned. Their account of what took place added an additional detail.

“The complaint to police said that upon realizing that the likelihood of the infant’s survival was weak, the accused nurse disconnected the respirator and waited until there were no further signs of life before plugging the machine back in.”

The whistleblower told police she had “observed the incident and notified hospital officials.”

Hospital officials at Schneider responded by issuing a statement in which they said the whistleblower’s claims had been investigated and nothing turned up. Therefore “there was no reason to report to the Health Ministry or police.”

However the accused nurse could potentially face murder charges, “should the woman’s claims be found to be based on evidence,” Israel National News reported.

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