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Father of toddler held, charged with viciously beating 16-month-old

by | Jun 22, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Little Nylah Lewis is in a coma after the brutal attack. (New York Daily News)

Little Nayla Lewis is in a coma after the brutal attack.
(New York Daily News)

A 16-month-old toddler remains in critical condition, following an alleged assault on Nayla Lewis by her father, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor who ranted and raged on Facebook because Tammy Lewis, the toddler’s 17-year-old mother, had not aborted her.

“Police arrested Taylor for allegedly cracking Nayla’s skull and blackening her eye during a sick Father’s Day beatdown in Coney Island,” the New York Daily News’ Thomas Tracy reported. “Taylor pounded on his daughter’s little body until her brain began to bleed, officials said. The child also suffered multiple skull fractures and bruising on her face, legs and other parts of her body, authorities said.”

“Prosecutors in Brooklyn say Taylor launched a horrific attack on the tot at his home as her mum travelled to pick her up on Sunday,” according to Neal Baker of The Sun. “When she arrived she saw Nayla lying on the sofa and struggling to breathe, police said.”

Lewis then left the apartment with her daughter, “but Taylor caught up to her in the lobby and knocked her to the ground with one punch — while she was holding their child, sources said,” according to Tracy. “An EMS crew rushed Nayla to the hospital as Taylor chased after the baby’s mother, continuing to beat her.”

“He said that about a year ago he was going to hit the baby if she brought [her] around,’ Christine Munford, Nayla’s aunt, told the New York Daily News.

Charged with assaulting both mother and daughter, Taylor was arraigned Tuesday (his 19th birthday) in Brooklyn Criminal Court. He was ordered held on $250,000 bail.

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