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Group from Louisiana Produce Powerful Pro-Life Videos

by | Jun 30, 2017

Video Project Called “Project Abortion: The Untold Story”

By Sandy Cunningham, Louisiana Right to Life Communications Director

A team of Central Louisiana pro-lifers have teamed up to produce a series of pro-life documentary segments called “Project Abortion: The Untold Story,” and their most recent video focuses on actress Jennifer O’Neill.

Peter John Lemoine, Wilbur Gutierrez, and Dr. David Spence, with the help of Fr. Dan Cook and videographer and editor Spencer Lemoine, have produced an introduction and three segments of the documentary so far.

The idea for the documentary came about after a men’s prayer group meeting at Lemoine’s home in Cottonport in January 2016. Cook was speaking to the group, and near the end of the meeting he began to talk about abortion. Lemoine and Gutierrez were so touched by Cook’s passion they decided to take action.

“God calls us to pursue causes far greater than ourselves,” Lemoine said. “Abortion is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation, and only through education, advocacy, and compassion can we bring an end to this issue.”

Gutierrez noted that Norma McCorvey, better known as Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, was born in Simmesport, about 10 miles from Lemoine’s home.

“The roots of the national debate were born right here in Central Louisiana,” he said. “If it began here, it can end here.”

Once they decided what platform they would use to get their message out, they chose to make several short segments instead of one lengthy film. Initially, they released two videos.

Recently a third segment was released featuring internationally acclaimed actress and model Jennifer O’Neill, who has a long list of credits to her name and possibly is best known for her role as Dorothy in the classic film “Summer of ’42” and her three decades as a CoverGirl model. In the “Project Abortion” video O’Neill discusses the abortion she had and her post-abortion healing.

The videos have already been seen by tens of thousands of people and are being disseminated by pro-life organizations across the nation, including Priests for Life. Lemoine said that because O’Neill agreed to work with the group and tell her story, the videos will reach an even larger audience.

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