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National Right to Life Endorses Ed Gillespie in Virginia Gubernatorial Republican Primary

by | Jun 7, 2017

WASHINGTON – National Right to Life today announced its endorsement of Ed Gillespie in the Virginia Gubernatorial Republican primary on Tuesday, June 13.

“Ed Gillespie is a strong advocate for life. As governor, he would support and sign pro-life legislation, including legislation to protect an unborn child from abortion at the point he or she can feel pain, and he opposes using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion,” said David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., executive director of the National Right to Life Committee. “National Right to Life looks forward to working with him in Virginia to implement pro-life policies to protect unborn children from abortion, and medically dependent or disabled persons, whose lives are threatened by euthanasia.”

Ed Gillespie has a long history of pro-life advocacy within the Republican Party. As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ed Gillespie strongly supported the pro-life plank in the Republican platform. As Counselor to President George W. Bush, Ed championed pro-life Congressman Henry Hyde to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This year, Gillespie accompanied Vice President Mike Pence for his historic speech at the March for Life.

“Ed Gillespie’s position on life reflects strong pro-life values,” said Karen Cross, National Right to Life political director. “As a fellow Virginian, I’m pleased that on June 13, I can vote for a pro-life gubernatorial candidate, who can win in November. That candidate is Ed Gillespie.”

This endorsement reflects Ed Gillespie’s commitment to strengthening a culture of life in Virginia and throughout the nation. All voters in the Republican primary who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family should vote for Ed Gillespie, so that he can work to advance vital pro-life public policies.

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