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Pro-life Rep. Steve Scalise’s condition has “stabilized,” doctor says “an excellent recovery is a good possibility”

by | Jun 16, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Between the time I first wrote this update and 3:30, the updates from MedStar Washington Hospital about the condition of pro-life Rep. Steve Scalise have become immensely more optimistic.

According to CBS News

“When he arrived, he was in critical condition with an imminent risk of death,” Dr. Jack Sava, director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, said in a briefing on the congressman’s condition. “He will certainly be in the hospital for a considerable period of time, presumably weeks.”

However, Sava added that Scalise’s condition had stabilized over the past two days, saying “an excellent recovery is a good possibility.”

Later in the story we’re told

Sava said Scalise has been sedated, but doctors have been able to reduce sedation to allow Scalise to communicate with his family. Scalise is expected to fully recover and be able to walk, Sava said.

“We have controlled the internal bleeding and his vital signs have stabilized,” Sava said.

If by any chance you missed “A Message from the President of National Right to Life,” which ran yesterday, please take a moment to read and continue to heed Carol Tobias’ call for prayers for Rep. Scalise, along with two members of the Capitol police force– Crystal Griner and David Bailey–Zach Barth, a congressional aide to Texas Rep. Roger Marshall, and Matt Mika, lobbyist for Tyson Foods and a former congressional staffer, who all required medical attention.

As you recall Rep. Scalise was shot in his left hip while he and other Republican members of Congress were practicing for the annual baseball game between Republicans and Democrats.

“Sava said the doctors were encouraged by Scalise’s progress over the past 36 hours but he will remain in the hospital for some time,” according to CBS News.

“The round fragmented and did substantial damage to bones, internal organs, and blood vessels. I understand he was awake on scene, but by the time he was transported by helicopter to the MedStar Trauma Center he was in shock,” he said.

Three quick thoughts. First, like most of you, NRLC staff and officers remain in constant prayer. As Mrs. Tobias wrote yesterday, “Steve is not just a friend to the pro-life movement and strong ally of National Right to Life, he is one of us. Saving babies is at the top of his priority list. He is one of the most dedicated and effective pro-life people in Congress.”

Second, although I should not have been, even someone (like me) who works in the nation’s capital can be surprised by how ugly some of the comments have been, beginning with the very first story run by the Washington Post yesterday. The haters, and there are many of them, need our prayers for a different kind of healing.

Third, pray for our nation. Had not the two members of the Capitol police force returned fire, there is absolutely no doubt that the gunman, who was killed in the exchange, would have wiped out many men, women, and children. This was a bloodbath in the making averted only by the courage of law enforcement.

Father’s Day is only two days away. Many, if not all of the men who were wounded, are likely fathers. If not, they still have other family members. They are hurting as well and we should also include them in our prayers.

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