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See you in Milwaukee for NRL 2017!

by | Jun 2, 2017

By Carol Tobias, President

In less than four weeks, pro-life people from all across the country will be in Milwaukee for the 47th annual National Right to Life convention. These activists will gather to learn about new developments and the latest research on right-to-life issues, make new friends, and renew acquaintances from previous conventions.

And we all will come away reenergized and rejuvenated for the work ahead of as we continue our life-saving efforts to stop abortion and “assisted” suicide.

I’m excited to hear from a great line-up of speakers. The roster already includes radio and tv personality Ben Shapiro, undercover Planned Parenthood video hero David Daleiden, Anne McElhinny, who has co-authored a book and made a movie about the infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell, euthanasia and assisted suicide critic Wesley Smith, Ryan Bomberger, an outspoken critic of the abortion industry for targeting black babies, and many more.

There will be literally something–actually many things–for everyone. There will be workshops on fundraising, promoting the pro-life message through social media, advancing a culture of life within your church, and many other topics that you will love to hear about.

But the best part of the convention for me is meeting new friends and seeing familiar faces from previous conventions, all of whom took time out of their busy lives to become more effective champions for unborn children. A close second is greeting unfamiliar faces, grassroots pro-lifers who took time out of their busy lives to become more effective champions for unborn children.

Visiting with right-to-lifers from other parts of the country reaffirms what we already know– the pro-life movement is alive and well; it is strong and growing.

If you have not yet attended a National Right to Life convention, make this the year to change that. Come and check it out. Start by going to for information.

If you have attended a convention in previous years but aren’t sure about attending this year—please come!! We’ll have a great time encouraging each other as we learn more about pro-life issues and what to do with what we learn.

The theme of the convention, “Keeping Tomorrow Alive,” brings our attention to young people– current and future leaders of the movement. With the Teens for Life convention, which takes place concurrently, and the national oratory contest, and even with child care, we are continuing to grow and build a culture of life.

This will be a great event. I hope to see you in Milwaukee June 29 through July 1.

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