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A Win, a Loss, and a 43% drop

by | Jul 11, 2017

Gayle Atteberry, Executive Director, Oregon Right to Life

We made it. The 2017 Oregon legislative session closed Friday, but not before Planned Parenthood’s favorite bill, HB 3391, passed the Senate. We expect it to be signed by the governor soon. HB 3391 will result in free abortions for almost all Oregon women.

While we are so disappointed that HB 3391 passed, we didn’t lose every fight this session. SB 494 is 100% dead. That bill would have legalized the starvation and dehydration of Oregonians suffering mental illnesses, including dementia.

Although some terrible things happened this session, it was also a rare opportunity to see many pro-life champions in the Legislature speak out for those who need advocates, at all stages of life.

That being said, now that HB 3391 has passed out of the legislature, we are evaluating all available options to fight its effects:

  • Possible legal action
  • Pursuing federal challenges to the bill
  • Local efforts to reduce the effects of the bill

We will update you more about these efforts as information is available. We expect there will be ways for you to get involved. For now, we are focusing on our education efforts which have already reduced abortions in Oregon by 43%!!

Thank you if you responded in any way to our requests for donations, calls, or emails this session.

Because everyone deserves an advocate.

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