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How one pro-abortionist reported on NRL 2017

by | Jul 5, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Truth be told, I am fascinated by what dedicated pro-abortion sites say about National Right to Life in general, our annual convention (which took place last week) in particular.

More often than you might think they get the story right–only to interpret what they “see” in a way that you can only come to when you look through whatever the opposite of rose-tinted glasses might be.

For example, here’s Amy Littlefield’s take on NRL 2017 which took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The headline is “The Anti-Choice Embrace of Trump Is Complete: Dispatch From the National Right to Life Convention.”

For starters, wouldn’t you think that single-issue pro-lifers would “embrace” President Trump? He’s already accomplished a great deal, beginning with the (successful) nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch, his expansion of the Mexico City policy, his promise to sign pro-life legislation, and filling his cabinet with pro-lifers?

Of course. But to Littlefield of Rewire News, that’s not enough. We are suppose to comment/have a position on issues that are not our province.

Rewire’s field of interest ranges from A-Z–and that’s their business. Our business is protecting unborn babies, babies born with disabilities, the medically fragile, and helping mothers make life-affirming decisions.

Naturally, Littlefield was overjoyed when

On the final day of the National Right to Life Convention, the handmaids arrived.

They milled around the lobby of the hotel in downtown Milwaukee, clad in red habits and white caps; their faces veiled, they spoke only to tell passersby, and “Blessed be the fruit.”

The protest on Saturday capped a three-day event featuring sessions that may not have seemed out of place in Margaret Atwood’s misogynist dystopia…

The “handmaids” are part of “The Handmaids Tale,” a hysterical novel (even by pro-abortion standards) written by Atwood, which conjures up a patriarchal theocracy in which women are essentially breeders.

One of my colleagues saw some of the “handmaids” take off their hoods. At least one was a man. The irony was hard to miss.

Just one other note. Littlefield wrote, “Addressing the convention Friday, [David] Daleiden was greeted with thunderous applause and standing ovations, hailed by mistress of ceremonies Pam Rucinski as ‘one of the heroes of our time.’”

Well, yes, the man behind the Center for Medical Progress is a pro-life hero. Thanks to the undercover videos taken by CMP, the public has been exposed not to the picture-perfect portrait of Planned Parenthood, but to the hideous truth of what the nation’s largest abortion provider does to 330,000 unborn babies each and every year.

There’s more to her story and if time allows, we’ll return to it later this week.

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