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Pro-Abortion Arguments Often Rest on Denying Science

by | Jul 24, 2017

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

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It is the height of irony that while the abortion industry often dismisses pro-lifers as lacking the necessary medical expertise, such as having a medical degree, many pro-abortion arguments rest on denying science.

For instance, I have never heard the CEO of the nation’s largest abortion operation, Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards, talk about the most basic milestones in the development of an unborn child’s life that the layperson can learn in five minutes of research.

Such as …that a heartbeat can be detected at 24 days after conception…that brain waves are apparent 43 days post-conception…that at six weeks after conception an unborn child resembles a miniature doll with arms and legs clearly visible.

And when science is inconvenient pro-abortion activists also quickly dismiss research showing the negative effect of abortion on women: the increase in depression, eating disorders, suicide attempts, and the increased likelihood of subsequent premature babies.

Abortion apologists fail to mention that an unborn child has a DNA separate from that of the mother and is often a different sex than the mother, indicating that the baby in the womb is a separate being.

Ultrasounds, once grainy black and white images, are now in 4 colors and show the baby in real-time. The abortion industry hides Ultrasound images which show preborn babies displaying the human characteristics of smiling, laughing, and crying. In fact, Big Abortion has tried to make Ultrasound the enemy, fighting common sense legislation ensuring that pregnant women have an opportunity to see their unborn baby’s Ultrasound image.

While it is true that many come to the pro-life position as a result of a faith-based perspective, empirical scientific evidence actually lends great credence to the pro-life stand. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, faith and science are like two blades of a scissors.

In the end, denying the humanity of the unborn child…turning a blind eye toward the psychological effects of abortion on the child’s mother…and dismissing technology which shows the wonder of the preborn child on full display place abortion activists in the role of science deniers. Not only is the pro-life side pro-child and pro-woman, it is also pro-reason and pro-science.

And that is why life is winning in America today.

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