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Senate send HB 3391 to Oregon Governor, Forces Taxpayers to Fund More Abortions

by | Jul 7, 2017

By Oregon Right to Life

Oregon State Sen. Tim Knopp

Oregon State Sen. Tim Knopp

Salem, OR–On Wednesday the Oregon Senate passed House Bill 3391-B on a party-line vote (17-13). The bill now heads to Governor Kate Brown.

“This bill is wrong on so many levels,” said Gayle Atteberry, ORTL executive director. “Fundamentally, HB 3391 is morally reprehensible because it will take the lives of even more innocent Oregonians. Sadly, even the barbaric practice of late-term abortion will increase as abortion is legal in Oregon through all 9 months. This is not to mention that many Oregonians are opposed to the use of their tax dollars to fund abortion.”

This bill was pushed by Planned Parenthood, a big supporter of Democrat majorities in the legislature, and Governor Brown, a former abortion lobbyist herself.

“HB 3391,” continued Atteberry, “was politically calculated to ensure Planned Parenthood has funding in a time when they are at risk of losing hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government.”

The Senate vote took place after several Senate Republicans took to the floor in vehement opposition. During the debate, Republican Senator Tim Knopp made a motion to refer the bill to the Senate Rules committee to adopt an amendment removing the abortion portion of the bill. The motion was voted down on party-lines.

Before the Senate vote, HB 3391-B was voted out of the State House of Representatives on Saturday. The floor debate was contentious, with many Republicans speaking up in opposition. All Republicans and one Democrat voted no. Below are some statements made by pro-life State Representatives:

  • Rep. Bill Post: “This is already being done in Oregon…The total number of [abortion] procedures is now as of 2014 47,000…. Total cost [is] just over $22 million dollars.”
  • Rep. Werner Reschke: “Will House Bill 3391 increase or decrease the number of abortions in the state of Oregon? If it will decrease the number then sign me up. But I’m afraid we all know that’s not the case.”
  • Rep Jodi Hack: “Owning a business in Oregon is tough…. It concerns me that this narrow definition that we’ve defined here today puts at risk someone’s first amendment right and their ability to decide with their religious convictions what’s right for them….”
  • Rep. Mike Nearman: “We don’t need to do this. This is Oregon. There [are] no legal restrictions on anyone’s right to get an abortion. None. You can get an abortion at any time for any reason. Even sex-selection.”

For more information on HB 3391, please click here.

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