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“Exposing” Pregnancy Resource Centers

by | Aug 8, 2017

Editor’s note. This analysis comes courtesy of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Over at The Federalist, ADF Director of Alliance Relations Alison Howard Centofante looks at a recent movement to “expose” pregnancy care centers.

Let’s take a look.

Here’s how Alison introduces the organization:

The rather crudely-named “Lady Parts Justice League” [LPJL] recently launched a new attack in the abortion wars, actively recruiting pro-abortion activists to go undercover into pregnancy care centers to look for material that will undermine those facilities.

They think it will be fun. Calling themselves “a coven of hilarious bada** feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights,” LPJL is calling the campaign “”

But what exactly do the pregnancy care centers that LGPL wishes to “expose” do?

Fortunately, here is an explanation of the two types of pregnancy centers:

Pregnancy centers come in two types. The first is a traditional crisis pregnancy center or pregnancy resource center. They are not clinics and do not pretend to be, although in most states they are able to offer pregnancy tests and prenatal vitamins. They provide numerous social services, including parenting classes, options counseling, baby supplies, and other financial aid.

The second type is a Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic. These are licensed clinics working under the direction of an M.D. Medical services provided vary from clinic to clinic, but often include ultrasounds, on-site prenatal exams, and/or STD testing. In neither case can these be considered “fake clinics.”

Not only do pregnancy centers honestly advertise what they offer (both resource centers and clinics), but it seems that LPJL doesn’t even strictly target these so-called “fake clinics.” Instead, Alison continues,

Trouble is, the map LPJL has tweeted out and used in a video doesn’t actually show pregnancy centers. It shows instead the locations of federally qualified health centers, a completely different group of entities whose staff provides even more comprehensive medical resources than the pregnancy centers. A review of the map will show that these federally qualified health centers—which outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities 20 to one—are easily accessible for rural and remote communities rarely serviced by Planned Parenthood.

So, let’s just get this straight, shall we? LPJL wants to “expose fake clinics,” which aren’t really fake and openly tell people what services they provide. Then LPJL either erroneously or intentionally misleads people into thinking that pregnancy care centers are more numerous than they are, perhaps to create an impression that they are a growing threat that must be stopped.

The truth, of course, is that federally qualified health centers serve women much better and are more deserving of funds than Planned Parenthood, and pregnancy care centers offer hope to women that Planned Parenthood won’t. But LPJL is interested in propping up the abortion giant over and against all other organizations.

We echo Alison’s conclusion on this point:

[Pregnancy care centers], then, are the “fake clinics” LPJL wants so desperately to expose, while defending and promoting Planned Parenthood, whose staff, when asked what resources they offer pregnant women (ultrasounds, adoption resources, prenatal services), repeatedly reply, “We don’t offer those services.” Or, as one remarkably honest Planned Parenthood facility puts it: “This is Planned Parenthood. We do abortions.”

Wouldn’t you rather live in a world where women are offered support and help in times of need rather than being pushed into getting an abortion?