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Five reflections on Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report

by | Aug 22, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the stories our readers have told us they especially liked over the last ten months.

Planned Parenthood, the mega-abortion provider, begins its latest annual report with this defiant spit-in-your-eye assurance:

We have been here for 100 years, and we’ve been fighting for reproductive health care and rights since day one. We’re going to be here for another 100 years — and then some — and though the path forward isn’t an easy one, ours never has been. Planned Parenthood has weathered some intense storms in our history, and we’ve come out of each one stronger, smarter, and fiercer than ever before.

So take that, all you troglodytes. We’re still raking in $1.3543 billion a year in revenues; still the recipient of $554.6 million in “Government Health Services Reimbursements & Grants” (this under the last full year of the Obama administration); still hauling in $445.8 million in private contributions and bequests; and still the darling of Hollywood which cannot say enough wonderful things about the wonderfulness of pulling tiny arms off of little torsos.

Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon and I wrote a first draft look at the results yesterday. Some pro-lifers spent time Wednesday talking about how tardy PPFA was in grinding out its 2015-2016 report. There are lots of possible explanations but what matters is that now that it’s out, what you find if you look carefully at the 32-page report.

I could list 20 different “highlights,” but here are five.

#1. Not the least bit surprisingly, PPFA is very, very sensitive to the undercover videos taken by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). What the viewer saw was PPFA leadership, along with assorted others involved in the ‘fetal tissue’ (including whole organs) trade, talking about the remains of unborn babies in a manner that stunned even the most hardened pro-abortionist.

However, because PPFA knows its assurances of innocence will be taken at full value, their mantra is the videos were “heavily edited.” Which we read again in the section titled “Fighting Back and Moving Forward”:

In July 2015, anti-abortion extremists began releasing heavily edited undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials and providers. In investigation after investigation by the media, the medical community, and forensic experts, their allegations were widely and resoundingly discredited. But as we know all too well, anti-women’s health politicians will jump at any opportunity — no matter how baseless — to attack our organization.

This is not even marginally true. What is true is that the full videos were available on CMP’s website. The shortened versions simply omitted all the filler that is part of any discussion, focusing instead on the jaw-dropping admissions that came from the mouths of leading PPFA officials.

#2. At a time when the number of abortions (and the abortion rate and abortion ratio) thankfully continue to plummet, PPFA’s market share continues strong as ever. Indeed, more unborn babies lost their lives last year at PPFA facilities than the year before: 328,348 versus 323,999. Roughly 35% of all babies aborted in the U.S. die at PPFA abortion clinics.

As Dr. O’Bannon has explained on many occasions in great detail, PPFA is the antithesis of the “Mom and Pop” abortion clinic. They are consolidating like mad, shedding clinics that are not as profitable (those that don’t perform abortions), as part of a restructuring program that is culminating in “stronger powerhouse affiliate[s],” as one CEO proudly put it.

#3. As part of sticking with the tried and [not]true, a graphic shows abortion as constituting “3%” of “Affiliate medical services.” When pinned in a corner, proponents and defenders of Planned Parenthood always pooh-pooh the importance of abortion to the nation’s leading abortion provider. Columnist Rich Lowry calls this the “3% dodge.”

They imply that abortion is such a small percent of its “services” that it is patently ridiculous for opponents to zero in on the 328,348 abortions it performed. It should be understood as more like a public service that PPFA performs out of the generosity of its tin heart.

Dr. O’Bannon has explained the mathematical gymnastics involved numerous times. Lowry explained it this way:

The 3 percent figure is an artifice and a dodge, but even taking it on its own terms, it’s not much of a defense. Only Planned Parenthood would think saying that they only kill babies 3 percent of the time is something to brag about.

But the figure is not 3%. It’s not remotely close to 3%. Lowry writes, “The 3 percent figure is derived by counting abortion as just another service like much less consequential services.”

Lowry once offered a very clever comparison.

“The sponsors of the New York City Marathon could count each small cup of water they hand out (some 2 million cups, compared with 45,000 runners) and say they are mainly in the hydration business.”

And if that weren’t enough of a dodge, the 3% myth also neatly slides around how much aborting 328,348 children fattens PPFA’s bottom line. At standard rates, that would represent over $150 million in revenues. And that doesn’t even reflect the additional dollars that accrue when PPFA performs more expensive chemical abortions or abortions later in pregnancy

#4. At the same time PPFA’s abortion engine keeps purring along, it continues to cut back on the “women-helping” services it is forever touting. For example, take the total number of cancer screening and prevention services, manual breast exams (PPFA doesn’t do mammograms), and pap tests. They all experienced a huge drop–nearly 50% from 2012!

Consider this sobering reminder: 2015-2016 appears to mark the first year at PPFA that the number of abortions – 328,348 – exceeded the number of breast exams it performed – 321,700. That is both substantively and symbolically of enormous importance. And

#5. This is really scary. On page 9, under “Around the World,” we’re instructed

With the support of Planned Parenthood Global, partners in 12 focus countries reached over 1.5 million clients with reproductive health information and services this year, including more than 350,000 people reached through in-person educational activities and more than 230,000 people through the innovative and award-winning Global Mobile sites. In November 2015, Planned Parenthood Global published a new report called “Stolen Lives” and launched a campaign to document the dire physical, mental, and social health consequences of forced pregnancy on girls.

And then on page 18, under “Fueling the Movement,” we read

Through initiatives like the Latino Community Investment Grants, PPFA is working with affiliates to build closer ties with Latino and immigrant communities.

Next time you wonder what it would be like if Hillary Rodham Clinton were President, remember that she and PPFA were/are closer than two coats of paint. They agree–passionately–that nothing is more important than exporting the killing machine overseas and honing in on PPFA’s always favorite targets, communities of color, at home.

Take a few minutes and read PPFA’s annual report.

It is vitally important to know that PPFA lives to kill.

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