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“One says Mom and one says Dad”

by | Aug 10, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

We were at our adult daughters’ soccer game last night and since it is such hard work to watch them run pell-mell for 50 minutes, I thought I’d get myself a drink from the soda machine.

I punched in the wrong numbers and got a Coke by mistake. Since I don’t drink it very often, I was surprised to see a person’s name (in this case William) on the label. This was a clever gimmick Coke came up with in 2015 which I didn’t know they were still employing. If you don’t mind, I’d like to repost what I wrote about a particular variation on that ad a couple of years back

NRL News Today publishes many posts about life-affirming videos. They don’t have to necessarily shout “pro-life,” although some do. Even whispers that having a baby is a blessing can and does have enormous persuasive power. Combine that with humor and you have a real winner.

Claire Lejeune reminded us of Coke’s summer campaign. As it happens, I was so oblivious that I didn’t know the gimmick is that Coke cans have given names or titles stenciled on the side. For example (in my case) it would be Dave. It is an ingenious strategy to personalize what is, after all, only a soft drink container.

If you go here, you see an example of how this can take the form of a seriously (and very funny) pro-life video.

The couple is known as the McGillicuddys and they obviously enjoy each other’s company immensely.

The commercial begins with the woman snatching her husband’s bottle of Coke which has “Pat” on it. As he gently protests, she takes a sip. When she does, suddenly her voice is her husband’s.

Pat gets into the swing of things. Yup, when he grabbed his wife’s can of coke, not only did he get the beverage, he now has her voice.

The remainder of the one minute, 35-second long commercial shows them whipping out cans of coke from the box and immediately becoming the person whose name is on the can (or at least his or her voice). How many people do not recognize the voice of Morgan Freeman or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

At the end they each have their own can of coke and Pat says, “This has been really fun.” To which his wife says, “You sound normal.” And so he does, as does she.

So, “What can did you get?” “What can did you get?”

The camera zeros in and… One now says Mom and one says Dad.

They shriek, shaking with delight. An ultrasound is superimposed over the screen, and they kiss.

The last image? “Coming February 2015.”

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