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Amusement park thermal camera gives one lucky family a sneak peak of their preborn baby

by | Sep 28, 2017

By Texas Right to Life

A family in the UK had an unexpected treat on their trip to the Landmark Forest Adventure Park in Scotland. Fiona Petrie, her partner, and her two sons, ages five and three, were enjoying a day out when they entered the park’s Bamboozeleum. The gallery features distorting mirrors, holograms, and a giant kaleidosphere, among other fun illusions and puzzles. The Bamboozeleum also has a thermal imaging camera, which is where Petrie and her family got a fun surprise.

When Fiona and her family stepped in front of the thermal camera they saw another person on the screen: Fiona’s preborn baby. The happy mom snapped an incredible picture of the image and sent the image to the theme park. The Landmark Forest Adventure Park Facebook page featured the amazing pictures and drew thousands of reactions.

Overwhelmingly, commenters were moved by family’s special moment. Noticeably absent from the reactions was any confusion about whether or not Petrie’s preborn baby was human. Just as the rest of the family created a colorful image through the thermal camera, the preborn baby, who has a beating heart, lit up the screen.

Ross Coulter, a representative of Landmark, told STV News, “The image has proven to be extremely popular since we originally posted it with many people tagging their pregnant friends to encourage them to come to the park to try it for themselves.” Coulter added, “We’re looking forward to welcoming lots more expectant mothers into the park over the next few weeks as they try to recreate the image.”

Preborn Life is vulnerable when the preborn baby cannot be seen. When we are unable to see the perfectly formed fingers and toes, the beating heart, and unique face of each preborn child, the abortion industry tries to tell us that the preborn baby is “just a clump of cells.” Experiences like the Petrie family’s in which a preborn baby unexpectedly makes a visible appearance are a powerful reminder of the sacredness of each preborn child.

As technology advances and becomes more readily available, giving everyone a “window into the womb” to see preborn Life is becoming a reality. A few years ago, Huggies Diapers created a unique experience for new dads when the company used technology that allowed the dads to feel what the mother felt when their preborn baby was kicking. The tears of joy on father’s faces shows how moving the experience was.

Some people have become Pro-Life after witnessing babies in open fetal surgery.

In recent years, pregnant women don’t have to find thermal imaging cameras and dads don’t have to find unique technology or witness amazing surgery to see the reality of preborn Life.

Ultrasounds, now standard practice in much of prenatal care, show families who is inside the womb. In Texas, the Sonogram law shows every abortion-minded woman her preborn child. Without knowing the reality of preborn Life, informed consent in an abortion decision would be impossible.

Congratulations to the Petrie family and thank you to Landmark for publicizing an amazing image of a preborn child!

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