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Boyfriend attacks pregnant girlfriend, threatens to cut the baby out if she does not abort

by | Sep 15, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Riley Layton Matthews

Riley Layton Matthews

An Australian teenager has pleaded guilty to multiple charges in connection with allegations that he threatened to cut out the baby of his pregnant girlfriend when she refused to abort.

Riley Layton Matthews, of New South Wales, “also put a rope she threw at him around her neck and pulled it tight,” according to BorderMail.

The West Albury teenager’s sentence? To be “placed on two community service orders requiring 90 hours of unpaid work, as well as several good behaviour bonds of up to 12 months.”

The attack on the unnamed young woman took place the afternoon of March 19. “Throughout the argument, the accused kept telling the victim she had to have an abortion, which she told him she refused to do.”

The news account suggested Matthews’s incredible defense essentially was that the attack could have been worse.

For example, Matthews disputed that he threatened to cut the baby out. He said he threatened, rather ,“I will wring the neck of the child when it is born.”

Or that once he put the rope around his long-time girlfriend’s neck, “He immediately realised the gravity of what he was doing and so promptly stopped, something his solicitor [attorney], Shaun Mortimer, said showed his actions were not as serious as what at first might thought to be the case.”

Another mitigating factor, Mortimer argued, was that Matthews, not the victim, told the police about the rope!

Uncontested was that Matthews threw a dumbbell at the pregnant girl and that the 18-year-old Matthews threw a 4” serrated kitchen knife which fortunately embedded in a wall and not the girl.

The story concludes

Matthews hurt the victim after grabbing her wrists and made the threat about cutting out the baby if she didn’t have the abortion.

On going outside, Matthews threatened a neighbour who dared look at him with “I’ll f … ing kill you”. He made a similar threat to another stranger soon after.

The story, unfortunately, says nothing about how the girl or the baby are now.

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