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Capital Care Network of Toledo Fined $40,000 by the Ohio Department of Health

by | Sep 12, 2017

Toledo’s last abortion clinic caught breaking Ohio law–endangering the health and safety of a woman

Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post from Ohio Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

Capital Care Network

COLUMBUS, Ohio—On Monday Ohio Right to Life announced that the Ohio Department of Health issued a significant Civil Fine of $40,000.00 against Capital Care Network of Toledo, the last remaining abortion clinic in Toledo. Pursuant to a public records request, Health investigators discovered Capital Care violating health and safety standards at its facility.

State health inspectors discovered that after one woman had an abortion, the doctor believed that he might have perforated the woman’s bowel. Capital Care Network did not follow their own medical emergencies procedure, in which they should have called 911. Instead, they sent the patient out the back door and into an employee’s personal car. They dropped her off at the hospital, and then came right back, not ensuring that the woman was treated promptly.

Capital Care Network’s fine comes at almost the same time as their upcoming Ohio Supreme Court case, Capital Care Network of Toledo v. State of Ohio Department of Health. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in this case today to determine if Capital Care Network can remain open, although it was ordered closed a few years ago because it lacked a transfer agreement with a local hospital. Pro-Life Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office will defend this important pro-life law.

To see a copy of the public records request, click here.

To see a copy of the public records from the Ohio Department of Health, click here.

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