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Digital September NRL News now available online

by | Sep 12, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Best time of the month for the editor of NRL News who also happens to edit NRL News Today–the day I get to tell our audience that the monthly digital edition of NRL News is now available to read, to download, and (I trust) to pass along to pro-life family and friends.

37 pages packed with breaking news, columns, editorials, and some of the best articles reposted from many of the finest pro-life writers around.

If you like governance, beginning right from page one, you’ll get politics (the upcoming gubernatorial contest in Virginia) and legislation (an update on the House Financial Services Appropriations Bill which contains new and old prolife riders).

If you prefer to read about our dynamic Pro-Life Movement, on page 3 NRLC President Carol Tobias recalls the progress we are making on so many fronts.

What if you really enjoy inspirational accounts (which I do)? This issue is filled to the brink with the stories of brave women who were told they must abort but chose life (see particularly the stories on pages 5 and 9, for example).

No issue of NRL News would be complete without a number of stories about unborn babies’ worst enemy: Planned Parenthood. To cite just three examples, see pages 11, 23, and 31.

And when we say that NRLC has always been as opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide as we are to abortion, well, just look at the September edition. For instance, at pages 13, 14, 22, 25, and 28.

We will talk later this week about the latest NRL News. In the meanwhile I hope you dig deep into the contents, especially the stories that remind us how important it is to have pro-life governors and attorneys general who will defend pro-life laws against well-funded pro-abortion lawyers (see 8 and 17 for starters).

Drop me a line when you find a story you particularly enjoy:


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