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Voters’ regret greater for Clinton voters than Trump’s

by | Sep 22, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Were you to get all your news from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN you could be forgiven if you came away concluding that if the voters had a do-over, they would make pro-abortion Hillary Clinton our 45th President. (Clinton sure thinks so. Although she has backed off in the past couple of days, Clinton toyed with the idea of “refus[ing] to rule out challenging the legitimacy of last year’s presidential election.”)

Thus the results of a recent Politico/Morning Consult survey are particularly fascinating. By a margin of four points, more Clinton (13%) than Trump voters (9%) would either vote for a different candidate or not vote at all.

What’s truly interesting is that these results come after eight months of relentlessly negative coverage of President Trump and just after Clinton’s book tour for her 512-page political memoir What Happened began in earnest.

Whereas the President is pummeled literally by the minute (the venomous pieces that appear in the newspapers’ print editions can be updated and made even uglier on their webpage), Clinton enjoyed the kind of hard-hitting interviews that basically ask, “How are you holding up?”

Ironically, it can only get worse for Mrs. Clinton. As you read the interviews, or (as I do occasionally) watch them, whatever self-discipline she may have promised herself she would display has gone out the window. She knows everyone who voted against her (except the worst of the “deplorables,” of course) was duped and/or intimidated.

The following may be the most revealing headline ever–from Glamour magazine –that appeared online September 14:

Hillary Clinton Thinks Women Voted Against Her Because of ‘Fathers and Husbands and Boyfriends and Male Employers

(The story clarifies that Clinton meant primarily White Women.)

What to say? In 2017, the woman who had told all women that she was breaking the ultimate glass ceiling for them dismisses as incapable of making up their own minds the 42% who voted for Trump.

Amazing, even coming from the ultimate spoiled sport.

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