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“Aborted” in June, Indian woman discovers she is still pregnant in September

by | Oct 13, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Deepa Kadam

Deepa Kadam, the mother of two, discovered she was pregnant last April. Faced with “financial constraints and weak health,” she underwent an abortion and a tubectomy on June 12, according to the Indian newspaper

In September she had ultrasounds performed at Sion hospital in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and was shocked to learn she was carrying a 21-week-old baby whose expected date is January 22, 2018. She is past the legal limit to abort in India.

How did she not know she was still pregnant? What explains the “failed abortion”?

“After the surgeries, I got my period; so, obviously, I didn’t think I was pregnant,” she told the newspaper. “But then for two months I didn’t menstruate and my stomach started growing. That’s when I realised something was wrong and went to the hospital for a check-up.”

Kadam attributes the “failed” abortion to an inattentive staff at Sion Hospital:

Kadam alleged that on the day of her surgery, the resident doctors responsible didn’t pay proper attention to her. “The medical students present were not at all attentive. They kept laughing and discussing their issues. They must have goofed up, and now, the burden is on me.”

The hospital’s response? “I have been told not to speak on it; so I won’t be able to comment…,” said Dr. Niranjan Chavan, head of the department of gynecology at the hospital.” I am on leave.”

The newspaper turned to Acting Dean Dr. Jayashree Mondkar, head of the neonatology department at Sion hospital. She said she wasn’t aware of the incident.

“Dr. Chavan is on leave, so it would take me time to get details in the matter. I am completely unaware of it, but I will look into it,” she added.

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