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New video from CMP—Unsuspecting technician faints the first time she touched an aborted baby

by | Oct 25, 2017

Eyewitness experiences of a former fetal body parts harvesting worker inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics

By Dave Andrusko

Holly O’Donnell

Holly O’Donnell

The Center for Medical Progress released a 15th video yesterday, a chilling interview conducted by David Daleiden with Holly O’Donnell who once worked as a procurement technician for StemExpress, LLC.

Mr. Daleiden, a citizen journalist and the project lead at CMP, became nationally known in 2015 when CMP undercover investigators posed as buyers of “fetal tissue” (an umbrella term that includes intact hearts and lungs and pancreas and brains), and asked the kinds of questions someone who is the middleman would ask of the abortion industry, often of high-ranking Planned Parenthood officials. The undercover videos touched off a storm of controversy up and including investigations by both the Select Investigative Panel of the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

CMP described the new series as highlighting the eyewitness experiences of a former fetal body parts harvesting worker inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. In Ms. O’Donnell’s case, she was “stationed inside some of the biggest Planned Parenthood surgical centers in northern California, drawing blood and dissecting organs from aborted fetuses, which the company then sold to research customers across the country. She worked for StemExpress from December 2012 to April 2013, ultimately quitting in disgust with the company’s business model,” according to the CMP.

In the video Daleiden asks O’Donnell about her first day on the job at StemExpress (she had no idea she would handling the body parts of aborted babies)– about her on-the-job training and she told him how she had fainted the first time she touched an aborted baby inside Planned Parenthood Northern California’s flagship clinic in Concord.

O’Donnell tells Daleiden that when she arrived, at first “everything seemed normal.” Then the nurse beckons O’Donnell over to her and O’Donnell says, “I’m a little bit shocked to see a pie dish with this blood in it” and fetal parts in it.

She [the nurse] took the tweezers and starts fishing around the pie dish, and she’s trying to show me parts. I think I was in such a state of shock and trying to relax at the same time…it didn’t seem real

She’s showing me parts of, this is a leg, this is an arm, and then she says, ‘Put some gloves on.’ So I put the gloves on. She hands me the tweezers, and she goes, ‘Oh, can you show me some of the parts I just showed you?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ And I put the tweezers in, and I put it on one of the limbs, and I’ve never felt this in my life. I felt the pain radiate through my hand. You can feel the death go up through, you know, it was something that was just alive. And I grabbed it, and I felt that, and I started to get woozy.”

O’Donnell fainted.

Next thing I know, I woke up in the recovery room. One of the nurses was there. And she said, “Oh, you awake now? You okay?” I said, “What happened?” “You passed out when you saw the P.O.C. [“products of conception”], the remains. I said, “I’m so embarrassed.” She said don’t worry. “Honestly, some of us never get over it.”

Daleiden described Ms. O’Donnell as “a brave whistleblower who witnessed shocking violations of the law, medical ethics, and human dignity inside of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress.”

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