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Flowers signal new life outside closed abortion center

by | Oct 30, 2017

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

A curious photo made the rounds of Facebook the other week. It depicted a multi-colored bouquet of flowers, propped up outside the door of the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center. The Harrisburg abortion center had to close its doors several weeks ago after management gave up its license to do abortions.

The relinquishing of the license came after Hillcrest failed to correct 44 pages worth of health and safety violations, as documented in a report by inspectors from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The violations ran the gamut–from the abortionist failing to produce proper credentials to medical supplies that were years past their “use by” date.

The photo triggered a host of questions: Who left the flowers? Why? What message were the flowers supposed to convey?

Mary B. reasoned, “Obviously in memory of the thousands upon thousands of innocent babes that were murdered there. God have mercy on us all.”

Mary S. offered, “Praying for all the innocents killed.”

Connie C. thought the flowers might be a token of a mother’s affection: “Maybe a mother who lost her child there.”

Meanwhile, Joy C. envisioned what could lay in store for the building where thousands of preborn children lost their lives: “Wouldn’t it be fabulous to turn that building into a memorial. Flowers, flowers everywhere.”

The fate of Hillcrest remains unknown. But it is well-documented what happened there: abortion after abortion, over a period of decades. Countless numbers of women left to grieve children they would never hold in their arms. And operating conditions which were so squalid they ultimately led to the abortion facility’s downfall.

The flowers left outside the building could be a sign of the beauty that entered Hillcrest’s doors–the beautiful mothers and babies, who left completely victimized. The bouquet stands as a stark contrast to the utter ugliness that is abortion, the taking of an innocent, unrepeatable, precious human life.

May that single bouquet be a symbol of hope–for the women who now regret their abortions and seek healing.

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