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Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life shines at county fairs!

by | Oct 11, 2017

Volunteers share the message of life

By Bill Poehler

Editor’s note. This appeared in MCCL News.

Minnesota State Fair

VOLUNTEERS HAVE BEEN making Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) shine at county fairs since 1971. Our biggest annual outreach covered 86 fairs this past summer—a grand tradition for life!

More than three million people visit Minnesota county fairs each year, offering MCCL a vast audience for the positive message of life. And you make it all possible by your gifts and volunteering.


MCCL believes that everyone deserves to hear the pro-life message from a trusted source. You enable us to deliver that message all summer long and persuade visitors to protect life.

From 11-week unborn baby models and “Thanks Mom for Life” stickers to our new brochure on taxpayer funding of abortion, fairgoers receive pro-life resources that make an impact.


An undertaking of this scale requires a huge financial investment and many people to get involved.

Fortunately, MCCL has been blessed with faithful volunteers who reserve booth space, order materials, set up and tear down, and take turns staffing their county fair booth. We estimate that 2,255 people were needed to fill all the shifts at the MCCL fair booths—and we appreciate all of them.

Thanks to each of you who has helped to share the pro-life message and save lives by volunteering at your local MCCL fair booth. Your dedication makes this outreach a success!

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