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New Labour-led Government should protect women and their unborn children in New Zealand

by | Oct 20, 2017

Editor’s note. Jacinda Ardern will be the next prime minister of New Zealand, even though the ruling National Party won the most seats by far (56) but short of the 61 votes necessary for a Parliamentary majority. In a genuinely stunning rise to power (she just became leader of her Labour party 10 weeks ago), the 37-year-old Ardern is now the head of a coalition government comprised of Labour, New Zealand First, and the Green Party.

She is also a media darling, as exemplified by the lead to an NRP story: “Canada has Justin Trudeau. France has Emmanuel Macron. But in terms of youth and charisma, New Zealand’s next prime minister may have them beat.”

What pro-lifers in New Zealand fear is Ardern’s commitment to decriminalize abortion. The following comes from Voice for Life.

Jacinda Ardern [Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images]

Jacinda Ardern has publicly committed herself and her party to removing abortion from the Crimes Act, but Voice for Life hopes that as the new Prime Minister, she will realise just how dangerous such a move would be for both women and their unborn children.

“It is not illegal for a woman to access an abortion in New Zealand,” says National Voice for Life President Jacqui deRuiter. “There are restrictions on when an unborn child may be aborted and who may perform an abortion, but these restrictions are there to protect pregnant women from rogue doctors and other practitioners, and to prevent discriminatory abortion practices.”

“When people talk of ‘decriminalisation’, they usually mean liberalising the practice of abortion,” continues deRuiter. “Overseas, ‘decriminalisation’ has seen abortions performed under unsafe and unsanitary conditions, increased abortions of babies with disabilities, and increasing numbers of abortions in the second and third trimesters – abortions that are not only less safe for the mothers but also traumatizing for medical staff as they often involve dismembering, delivering, and re-assembling a tiny baby.”

DeRuiter concluded, “Pregnant women and their unborn children should be the recipients of our care, protection, and support,” adding, “’Decriminalising’ abortion would present a serious danger to women and their unborn children.”

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