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Ohio’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act Passes House Health Committee

by | Oct 25, 2017

Editor’s note. This encouraging update came from Ohio Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

Today, the House Health Committee passed Ohio Right to Life’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act by a vote of 12-6. This step forward is an important one as we seek to protect babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome from the lethal discrimination and violence of abortion.

The percentage of women who get abortions after a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis is astoundingly high, measured somewhere between 65-90%. This practice of modern eugenics must end, and that is what Ohio Right to Life has set forth to do.

We are so thankful for the many people who testified in favor of the bill and who have joined Ohio Right to Life in our effort to #StandUpforDown.

With the passage of this bill in the House Health Committee, we hope to see the bill on the House floor in the coming weeks.