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Virginia’s 2017 Governor Race: Will your vote count for the babies?

by | Oct 19, 2017

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

(Left to right) Oliva Gans Turner, president, Virginia Society for Human Life, Ed Gillespie, and Karen Cross, NRLC Political Director

(Left to right) Oliva Gans Turner, president, Virginia Society for Human Life, Ed Gillespie, and Karen Cross, NRLC Political Director

On November 7, Virginians will decide whether they will vote to protect unborn children in the Commonwealth, or whether they will line themselves up in agreement with those who support abortion on demand.

Their choice? Whether pro-life Republican Ed Gillespie or pro-abortion Democrat Ralph Northam will be the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

National Right to Life has endorsed Republican Ed Gillespie, a 100% pro-life candidate who will sign pro-life laws and support live-saving policies in Virginia to succeed pro-abortion Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

The Virginia affiliate of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has endorsed Northam. They have pledged to spend $3 million in the race supporting Northam, whose record as a member of the state Assembly was solidly pro-abortion.

Northam’s position is so extreme that he supports abortion on demand – that is, abortion for any reason anytime during the pregnancy. This means he supports deliberately taking the life of an unborn baby’s life for any reason at all – even late in pregnancy when the baby can feel excruciating pain during abortion.

And Northam also wants to use your tax dollars to pay for abortion.

Ed Gillespie is a strong advocate for life. As governor, he would support and sign pro-life legislation, including legislation to protect an unborn child from abortion at the point he or she can feel pain. He also opposes using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion.

“National Right to Life looks forward to working with him in Virginia to implement pro-life policies to protect unborn children from abortion, and medically dependent or disabled persons, whose lives are threatened by euthanasia and assisted suicide,” said David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., executive director of the National Right to Life Committee.

Gillespie has a long history of pro-life advocacy within the Republican Party. As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Gillespie strongly supported the pro-life plank in the Republican platform. When he was Counselor to President George W. Bush, Ed championed pro-life Congressman Henry Hyde to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This year, Gillespie accompanied Mike Pence for the Vice President’s historic speech to the March for Life.

In 2017, the Virginia Assembly took the first step in redirecting monies from abortion providers to actual health care providers that will offer comprehensive health care for more women and girls, closer to their homes. Planned Parenthood is counting on Northam to win so he can veto this and any other pro-life legislation that reaches the governor’s desk.

Virginia voters will decide whether they will protect the weakest among us – our unborn children – this November. They will decide whether to support pro-abortion Ralph Northam, who will oppose any protective pro-life legislation, or pro-life Ed Gillespie, who will sign legislation to protect unborn children and their mothers from the pain of abortion.

It’s up to Virginia voters to prove the pro-life movement is alive and well, and demonstrate that they will protect the least among us – our unborn children – by supporting Ed Gillespie for governor.

And it’s up to all of us to see that they succeed – to protect all of Virginia’s vulnerable citizens: the unborn, the elderly, and those who are medically vulnerable.

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