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Medical Society of Delaware continues its opposition to Physician-Assisted Suicide

by | Nov 21, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Dr. Prayus Tailor

It was a small portion of a larger (but still) brief story that ran on Delaware Public Media, the local NPR outlet. But the message for the coalition that is fighting physician-assisted suicide (PAS) was immense.

This past weekend, Nick Ciolino tells us, The Medical Society of Delaware held its 228th annual meeting. Among other actions members were to “discuss new motions.”

Rather than paraphrase, here is the entirety of the section on PAS:

Dr. Prayus Tailor is President of the Medical Society. He says one of the issues on the table was an update to the society’s policy regarding physician assisted suicide.

“We really feel that the way that we should be empowering our patients at the end of life is to provide the best care that we can to palliate and alleviate pain and suffering. We feel physician assisted suicide is fundamentally inconsistent with our role as physicians and healers,” said Tailor.

No major changes were made to that policy.

Probably nothing is more pivotal in staving off the assisted suicide movement than keeping local and national medical associations positioned against the overtures of the well-financed “Compassion & Choices.”

The brief quotes from Dr. Tailor could almost be seen as the sum and substance of why “assisting” patients to die is “fundamentally inconsistent” with the role of the physician. For starters, they are healers.

Compassion & Choices tells legislators that patients who (for whatever reason) ask to be assisted to die are empowered by the knowledge that a physician will secure the lethal drugs for them.

By contrast, Dr. Tailor says for patients facing the end of life empowerment comes when healers “provide the best care that we can to palliate and alleviate pain and suffering.”

The perspectives are 180 degrees apart.

Thanks go out to the Medical Society of Delaware for holding the line.

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