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Mother miscarries, but doctors later amazed to discover she is carrying a second “miracle baby”

by | Nov 17, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Mrs. Hui with Megan and Megan’s two siblings

Already the happy mother of two, Michelle Hui learned she was pregnant again in 2016. But at just a little over six weeks, she found blood stains on her pants, according to Anastasios Manaras of the Weekly Observer.

Doctors tell Mrs. Hui and her husband Ross, she has lost her baby. To expel the baby’s body to prevent possible infection, she takes “two pills that are commonly used for abortion.”

Ten days later, Manaras writes, she is at the hospital to do another follow-up uterine examination when doctors give her amazing news. They have found the fist of the baby she had miscarried but something else! She was still pregnant! She had been pregnant with twins!

Manaras explains

“The doctor went out and returned with an older colleague who rehearsed the process and then said,” You will not believe us, but we have a heartbeat. “That was the best feeling I ever had, says Michelle. In the end, the baby Megan was born healthy and left the doctors and parents speechless.

How the ultrasound did not spot Megan is unclear. Possibly by “blood and other fluids of excretion,” Manaras writes.

But the great news is today, at 18 months old, Megan is “absolutely healthy.”

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