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Sandra Bullock to star as “Abortion Queen” Wendy Davis in upcoming movie

by | Nov 17, 2017

By Texas Right to Life

Just when you thought Wendy Davis was out of the spotlight at long last, Hollywood decided to drag her back into the limelight for an anti-Life biopic. Sandra Bullock is slated to star as Texas’s infamous “Abortion Queen” in the film. According to Deadline Hollywood, Bullock will remain attached to the script as long as the project acquires a director she likes. The working title of the film is Let Her Speak and will tell the story of Davis’s meteoric rise from teen mom to the most recognizable anti-Life politician in Texas.

Davis gained national notoriety after a filibuster, in her signature pink sneakers, temporarily delayed the passage of life-saving Pro-Life legislation in 2013. Davis tried to capitalize on her five minutes of fame by running for governor of Texas in 2014, but she lost to Pro-Life Governor Greg Abbott in a landslide. Her radical abortion stance directly contributed to her embarrassing loss in the gubernatorial race. Texas voters rejected her radical abortion stance, which included support for gruesome and barbaric late-term abortions. The majority of Texans and the majority of Americans do not endorse the horrific practice of late-term abortion and do not want tax dollars going to businesses that commit abortions. Davis, anti-Life opponent of the life-saving fetal pain bill and cheerleader for Planned Parenthood, lost the election because voters do not agree with her radical stance.

Despite the fact that NBC already tried to create a show about Davis’s short-lived, anti-Life political career, much is being made of the upcoming film now in early stages of development. Deadline gushes that Davis’s “stamina not only thwarted GOP leaders’ plans to enact one of the country’s most restrictive anti-choice laws, but resulted in the most far-reaching Supreme Court victory for reproductive rights in a generation.” Overblown anti-Life fanfare such as this requires a fact check. Davis’s filibuster was not a stand for “women’s health,” “reproductive rights,” or any other euphemistic anti-Life rhetoric. Davis’s filibuster was of a bill that would protect babies at five months’ gestation, the stage at which they undeniably feel the unimaginable pain of being torn and crushed to death in an abortion. Davis’s stand was for elective abortion, no matter what, for the killing of preborn babies at any stage of development.

The filibuster did not successfully delay the Senate vote on the life-saving 20-week ban. However, an unruly mob of abortion supporters, who later chanted “Hail Satan,” drown out the Senate vote before the midnight deadline. Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry called a Second Special Session, and the legislation passed as the historic Pro-Life Omnibus Bill of 2013, House Bill 2.

Claims that Davis’s theatrics led to a Supreme Court “victory” for anti-Lifers are also inaccurate. In June, 2016, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down two provisions of House Bill 2, which raised the health and safety standards of abortion mills in Texas. Notably, the abortion industry never challenged the provision of House Bill 2 that protects pain-cable preborn babies from being killed by the violence of abortion. Despite the relentless self-promotion of Texas’s “Abortion Queen,” the most important Pro-Life protections of the 2013 Legislative Session not only passed but still stand as law.

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