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Tomorrow’s election in Virginia a classic pro-life/pro-abortion contest

by | Nov 6, 2017

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life

Pro-life Ed Gillespie at March for Life

Pro-life Ed Gillespie at March for Life

Apparently, Virginia gubernatorial candidate, pro-abortion Ralph Northam, thinks pro-life people are easily duped. He expects us to believe that because he is a pediatrician, he would never hurt a child or protect anyone who does.

Well, Ralph Northam, we aren’t fooled by your claims to care for all the children of Virginia. We know your record. It is the polar opposite of pro-life Ed Gillespie.

Ralph Northam was twice elected to the state Senate where he had multiple chances to step up as a doctor/ legislator and be a vote to protect helpless unborn children.

Surely, he was not lacking in medical information. He had to realize that unborn children killed by abortion all have beating hearts, brain waves, tiny fingers and toes, and sometimes are even old enough to feel horrific pain in the womb as the deadly abortion is performed.

Yet he never once voted to respect those tiny children’s lives.

Then, as Lt. Governor of Virginia, he made it clear that he had no intention of supporting the protective law that has passed in so many other states that is saving the lives of unborn children capable of feeling pain. In fact, Northam, like the current pro-abortion governor of Virginia, made his opposition clear last December to any law that might provide real protection to helpless babies before birth.

Guess Ralph Northam can only see a baby after birth as a patient to be treated with care and respect.

He doesn’t care that abortion hurts.

And let’s remember that abortion hurts women too. Ralph Northam fought hard to keep critical information away from mothers making pregnancy decisions. He was a vocal opponent of changes to the Virginia informed consent law to give women and girls the chance to see their unborn babies before they make the irreversible decision to abort their children.

So, it’s clear that Ralph Northam doesn’t care if women are treated with respect and given all the information possible before they make a life and death decision. Guess he only cares to keep his abortion allies happy, who vowed to invest millions in his campaign.

Tomorrow Virginia votes for the future. How will you cast your vote? Will you share this information with others who may be on the fence? There is still time to get out the pro-life vote. It is becoming very clear that this election may be a squeaker!

We need to elect a pro-life Governor, Ed Gillespie, Lt. Governor, Jill Vogel, and Attorney General, John Adams. We also need to hold on to the pro-life seats in the House of Delegates.

If you need information on the candidates running, go to:

Your efforts today will help, that’s the truth! Do it for the babies!

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