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Abortion extremists fight proposal for humane disposal of the remains of aborted babies

by | Dec 12, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

6 week human embryo

Abortion supporters in Texas, and elsewhere, are determined that nothing be done with the bodies of aborted babies that reflect even the slightest idea that they are more than refuse.

That came through loud and clear Monday at a Health and Human Services Commission hearing at the Texas Capitol.

All that is required as part of SB 8 passed in June is that abortion facilities, hospitals, and other health clinics bury or cremate the remains of aborted and miscarried babies.

“The proposed changes … will work towards affording the same dignity to deceased preborn children as any other human being,” said John Seago, Legislative Director for Texas Right to Life at the hearing.

But Max Gordon, reporting for Spectrum News, quoted opponent Paige Nilson, who said, “It’s what I see as unfair and deceitful rules.” Gordon added that “Opponents like Nilson said it’ll be just another obstacle for women in Texas who want an abortion.”

Last year, the Department of State Health Services published a rule to establish more humane procedures for handling the remains of unborn children . As Texas Right to Life remarked at the time, “The proposed rule change came in response to the horrors revealed in a series of undercover videos released last summer that exposed the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. The videos contained footage of abortion facilities in Austin and Houston both engaging in abhorrent practices.”

However the Center for Reproductive Rights challenged the rule and in late January 2017, federal Judge Sam Sparks blocked it indefinitely. Judge Sparks said the barrier the rule establishes “substantially outweighs the benefits.”

In August 2016 when the Department of State Health Services heard public testimony about the proposed rules, one pro-life speaker noted that fifteen other states already require burial or cremation for the remains of unborn babies.

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