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MCCL Fall Tour informs folks across the state

by | Dec 5, 2017

By Bill Poehler

GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION have been the responses to our 2017 Fall Tour program. Pro-lifers across Minnesota listen in earnest and express their thanks as Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) staff informed and inspired them.

This year’s presentation focused on MCCL’s strategic approach to saving lives. Attendees learned how MCCL’s efforts to build up support for pro-life policies through education, outreach and organizing have resulted in laws that reduce abortions and chip away at abortion on demand.


Many are encouraged by statistics that demonstrate how pro-life laws have driven down abortion numbers as more women choose life. Others are surprised to learn how passage of state pro-life laws can also lead to federal legislation that protects lives nationwide.

“We are excited to present this year’s program because it tells more of the MCCL story of lives saved,” said MCCL Secretary/Treasurer Cathy Blaeser. “Our strategy really does work. Our efforts really have changed minds about abortion and other issues, and we have the numbers to prove it.”


MCCL tours the state each fall, offering an information-packed presentation in dozens of cities and towns. Our annual Fall Tour updates pro-life citizens on the crucial threats to human life, along with a progress report and opportunities for making a difference. This year’s Fall Tour began Sept. 11, reaching from International Falls to Austin and Ortonville to Hinckley. The one-hour meetings continued through Oct. 24. Our final meetings included Sauk Centre on Oct. 16, and St. Paul on Oct. 24.

More information is available at

“If you want to understand how lives are saved, our Fall Tour meetings are the place to learn,” Blaeser adds. “Find your place in our lifesaving work!”

Editor’s note. This appeared in the most recent issue of MCCL News.

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