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North Korea defector describes forced abortion

by | Dec 12, 2017

Describes horrific scene of women starved to death, bodies fed to guard dogs

By Dave Andrusko

Ji Hyeon-A

Over the decades we have run dozens of stories about grotesque human rights abuses in China as it enforced its “One Child” policy built around coerced abortion and forced sterilization. But a story coming from a defector from North Korea is almost unimaginably brutal.

The Fox News headline is enough to want to make you stop right there: “North Korean defector describes forced abortion, said bodies fed to dogs in prison.”

The setting, according to Ben Evansky, was an event titled “The Terrifying experience of forcibly Repatriated North Korean women.” The sponsors were the U.S. France, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the U.K.

Ji Hyeon-A “was repatriated three times to North Korea after she was caught in China,” Evansky explained. “The third time Ji Hyeon-A got caught and sent back to North Korea she was three months pregnant,” Evansky wrote.

“Tearfully describing how she was forced to have an abortion without medication at a local police station, she added: “My first child passed away without ever seeing the world, without any time for me to apologise,” according to Vickkie Oliphant of The Daily Express

North Korean women who became pregnant in China were forced to have abortions, Ji Hyeon-A said, because North Korea does not allow for mixed-race babies.

“She finally escaped to South Korea and spoke of her horrifying experiences, describes a harrowing scene of prison dogs eating dead bodies at her prison camp. She pleaded for the world to act.”

“Pregnant women were forced into harsh labor all day,” she said. “At night, we heard pregnant mothers screaming and babies died without ever being able to see their mothers.”

At one detention center, she described how inmates starved to death. Their dead bodies, she said, were given to the guard dogs for food.

Ji-Hyeon-A criticized the Chinese government for sending North Koreans back to the regime, saying they know what will happen to them when they get there. “Ji-Hyeon-A urged the U.N. and world leaders to fight for North Korean defectors and especially those who are repatriated,” Evansky wrote.