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Ohio Gov. Kasich signs Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act

by | Dec 27, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

An early Christmas present for Ohio children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome.

On December 22, following overwhelming approval in the state House, Gov. John Kasich signed the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act which prohibits abortion for the sole reason of a Down syndrome diagnosis.

The Ohio Senate approved the measure 20-12. This followed the House’s overwhelming 63-30 vote in support which took place November 1.

Under SB 164 it would be illegal for abortionists to commit or attempt to commit an abortion based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Currently Indiana and North Dakota also ban abortions based on genetic anomalies.

Gov. Kasich had previously said he would sign such a bill into law. As the Cincinnati Enquirer reported

Kasich told CNN’s Jake Tapper in September 2015 that he would sign a bill that bans abortion after a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

“I’m more than glad to say that, of course, I would sign that,” said Kasich, responding to a question from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, whose son has Down syndrome.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Megan Henry previously quoted Sen. LaRose, the bill’s sponsor, who said, “To me, this a matter of medical ethics,” adding “It’s a matter of what kind of society do we want to have here in the state of Ohio.”

As the bill was working its way through the House last month, Rep. LaTourette told the Toledo Blade the bill ends the lethal discrimination against Down syndrome children in the womb.

“I continue to say that this bill is about so much more than abortion,” Rep. LaTourette told Jim Provance. “I truly believe that it’s about discriminating against some of our most vulnerable, discriminating against an unborn child simply because they might have a Down Syndrome diagnosis. That’s something that I find absolutely unacceptable.”

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