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Planned Parenthood laments costs of needing access to an OB-GYN when women are injured in chemical abortions

by | Dec 1, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Talk about a conduit. Whenever the abortion industry feels the heat, it knows it can plant long, sympathetic stories in the local media. There will be a paragraph or two (sometimes) explaining why whatever it is Planned Parenthood et al. are whining about is good public policy. But the thrust of the story always is, “Woe is poor little old Planned Parenthood.”

Which brings us to a sympathy bouquet of flowers masking as a news story that appeared in the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader.

Will Schmitt’s lead tells the reader what the “problem” is:

Paying for physicians to be on call at all times at local clinics could cost Planned Parenthood a pretty penny.

What is Schmitt talking about? Some frivolous requirement with no real purpose? Hardly.

Unlike other state health departments, Missouri’s health department takes seriously its responsibilities to pass rules to enforce state laws.

NRL News Today has written a passel of stories about Missouri’s omnibus SB 5 law passed during a special session of the legislature last summer. As is almost always the case, the state passes pro-life legislation, Planned Parenthood challenges it in court.

In SB 5 Planned Parenthood has, so to speak, a target-rich environment. Planned Parenthood (through Schmitt) in this instance is bemoaning a regulation [referred to as the “Complications Plan Requirement”] that mandates when an abortion “provider” performs chemical abortions, they have a written agreement with an obstetrician-gynecologist who has admitting privileges at a hospital in case of emergencies.

In its lawsuit, Planned Parenthood claims the regulation “is the latest in a series of medically unnecessary requirements imposed by the State, which will, without basis, limit women’s access to an extremely safe procedure using medications alone.”

So the meme is chemical (aka RU-486) abortions are safe, safe, safe. Thus in the upside down world of Planned Parenthood mandating written contracts with OB/GYN’s to be available 24/7 to treat women when they are injured by chemical abortions “will create greater burdens to women seeking abortions,” according to Jesse Lawder, spokesman for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. “We are very concerned about what SB5 is doing to women seeking access to care.”

Randall Williams, the director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services defended the regulations, Schmitt reported.

“Ensuring the safety of all patients is always our Department’s foremost concern. Therefore, the objective of our complication plan regulations is protecting the health and safety of patients by reemphasizing the importance of the physician-patient relationship.”

Adding insult to injury (from Planned Parenthood’s perspective), the entirety of Senate Bill 5 went into effect October 24.

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