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So what are your thoughts so far on the Christmas digital edition of NRL News?

by | Dec 21, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

As the ever-growing number of NRL News Today readers know, the monthly edition of National Right to Life News complements NRL News Today’s Monday through Saturday coverage.

The Christmas digital edition of NRL News dovetails nicely with the more than 220 stories we posted on NRL News Today in the time since we published the November issue of NRL News. Together these two great sources of pro-life news will keep you up to speed, both on the “Big Picture” and on the day-to-day details.

As the editor of both, I’m trusting that you can squeeze out a few minutes each day to read some of very comprehensive coverage that appears in the December digital edition of National Right to Life News. You can read the entire 37-page issue at your own pace at

As we always do once we post NRL News, we are including one story from the edition each day to whet your appetite. Yesterday it was a powerfully inspirational story from Wesley J. Smith in which he talked about three instances “in which ordinary people acted in extraordinary self-sacrificial love.

Today NRLC asks you to consider helping us help people just like the ones whose defenders Wesley celebrates. Please remember we are only as strong as our grassroots supporters.

As I mentioned above, please take a few minutes to become a better educated pro-lifer. And then, after you read a story that you particularly like, please be sure to pass along selected stories (if not the entire issue) to your social network contacts.

That is how we spread the pro-life message of hope and love.

If you like, join those who are following me on Twitter at Your feedback is very important to improving National Right to Life News Today. Please send your comments to

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