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In 40 years of terminal care I’ve never seen unmanageable suffering, New Zealand doctor says

by | Jan 16, 2018

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Dr. David Richmond

The New Zealand Herald published an excellent article Monday by Dr. David Richmond in response to an article promoting euthanasia by Dr. Jack Havill.

Havill, a former intensive care specialist and a current euthanasia promoter, stated in his article that people are dying cruel and painful deaths that can only be solved by legalizing euthanasia. Richmond responds by stating:

In more than 40 years of medical practice as a physician, geriatrician and terminal care manager, I cared for many dying people. My testimony is that I have never seen a person dying with unmanageable suffering.

Richmond then questions the training Havill has received in pain and symptom management. Richmond continues by recognizing the problem of medical errors.

Even with the best of equipment and testing, inaccurate diagnoses and prognoses are surprisingly common. People have already died and many more will do likewise because of mistakes in the euthanasia procedures including diagnosis.

Richmond continues by challenging Havills’ assertion that doctors regularly kill patients already.

If rogue doctors are doing what Dr. Havill says they are doing while we have laws that provide maximum penalties for killing, imagine what freedom they will arrogate to themselves if the current laws are weakened?

Richmond then refers to studies proving that euthanasia without request regularly occurs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The death lobby has no problem with hiding or exaggerating the truth to accomplish their goal. Recently a Swedish citizen contacted the Oregon Health Authority and learned that the definition of “terminal illness” in Oregon does not require someone to be “terminally ill” to be approved for assisted suicide. One more deception by the death lobby.

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