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“A Baby’s First Months” brochure in stock and ready to be ordered

by | Jan 8, 2018

National Right to Life just received a shipment of the wonderful and educational pamphlet “A Baby’s First Months!” We are fully stocked and ready to take your orders.

“A Baby’s First Months” is a truly remarkable, full-color brochure which follows the development of the unborn child in utero from fertilization until birth. It documents the development milestones that occur during a baby’s first months of life, including the development of her fingers and toes, ears, and her capacity to feel pain. A must-have for every pro-lifer!

All pricing includes regular United States Postal Service (USPS) or ground shipping in the USA. There is a minimal order of 5 pamphlets.

To place your orders, please email us at If you are ordering from outside the United States, call 202-378-8843 for shipping information. The prices of the pamphlets are:

5 – 99             $.50 each
100 – 499       $.40 each
500 plus         $.30 each

So stock up now and get your order in early for one of the best educational tools available in the pro-life movement!

In addition to these educational booklets, we also have a 6 minute video, appropriate for all ages, that is looped on a dvd for your use for only $10 each. This is an amazing tool for your use.

To view the video, visit

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